报告题目:Anchored Vertex Exploration for CommunityEngagement in Social Networks

邀请人:东北大学 2138com太阳集团 王斌 副教授
In this talk, the presenter will introduce one of his recent works published in IEEE ICDE 2020. User engagement has recently received significantattention in understanding decay and expansion of communitiesin social networks. However, the problem of user engagementhasn’t been fully explored in terms of users’ specific interestsand structural cohesiveness altogether.Therefore, we fill thegap by investigating the problem of community engagementfrom the perspective of attributed communities. Given a set ofkeywords W, a structure cohesive parameter k, and a budgetparameter l, our objective is to find l number of users whocan induce a maximal expanded community. Meanwhile, everycommunity member must contain the given keywords in W andthe community should meet the specified structure cohesivenessconstraint k. We introduce this problem as best-Anchored Vertexset Exploration (AVE).

To solve the AVE problem, we develop a Filter-Verify frameworkby maintaining the intermediate results using multiway tree,and probe the best anchored users in a best search way. To acceleratethe efficiency, we further design a keyword-aware anchoredand follower index, and also develop an index-based efficientalgorithm. The proposed algorithm can greatly reduce the costof computing anchored users and their followers. Additionally, wepresent two bound properties that can guarantee the correctnessof our solution. Finally, we demonstrate the efficiency of ourproposed algorithms and index. We measure the effectiveness ofattributed community-based community engagement model byconducting extensive experiments on five real-world datasets.

Dr Jianxin Li is an A/Professor in the School of IT, Deakin University.His research interests include social computing, query processing and optimization, and big data analytics. He has published 90 high quality research papers in top international conferences and journals, including PVLDB, IEEE ICDE, ACM WWW, AAAI, IEEE ICDM, EDBT, ACM CIKM, IEEE TKDE, VLDB Journal, IEEE TII, and WWW Journal. His professional service can be identified by different roles in academic committees, e.g., the technical program committee members in ACM SIGMOD, PVLDB, AAAI, PAKDD, IEEE ICDM, and ACM CIKM; the journal reviewer in IEEE TKDE, ACM TKDD, WWW Journal and VLDB Journal; the proceeding chairs in DASFAA 2018, ADMA 2016 and ADC 2015; and the program committee chair in ADMA 2019, and the International Workshop on Social Computing 2017 and 2018; the tutorial chair in the 26th International Conference on WWW 2017; and the guest editors in international journals, such as Computational Intelligence, IET Intelligent Transport Systems, Complexity, Data Science and Engineering.